Gabriel Meucci, New Head of EULEX Kosovo visits Beograd

Gabriel Meucci’s first visit to Beograd since becoming the new chief of Eulex began with his meetings with Serbia’s First Vice-President  Aleksandar Vučić, Nebojša Stefanović the Minister of the Interior and Marko Đurić the Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija. Our own Nataša Sćepanović, President of the Association of Families of Victims from Kosovo and Metohija 1998 to 2000, also had the chance to meet with the new Eulex chief. 

During their meeting, among other things, Serbian Premier Vučić expressed his expectations that “the cooperation between the Government of Serbia and Eulex will continue to be in concrete terms during the mandate of the new Eulex head, especially in preventing organized crime”. 

The new head of Eulex made assurances to the Serbian officials that he will work on  the continuation of constructive dialogue between Beograd and Priština. He also promised that “Eulex will be committed to strengthening the Rule of Law in Kosovo”.