Media Statement

On the occasion of Human Rights Day, The Association of Families of Victims from Kosovo and Metohija from 1998 to 2000, reminds and warns of the drastic violations of even the most basic human rights of Kosovo Serbs and non-Albanians since 1998 up until the present time.

All conventions and resolutions of the UN Security Council that were supposed to guarantee basic human rights to all people of the world including Serbs and non-Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija (both those who continue to live and those who were removed from their homesteads 15 years ago) have been violated.

As an Association that brings together families of the victims (more than 3500 kidnapped and killed Serbs and non-Albanians), we once again bring attention to the following:

– Their right to live has been taken away from Serbs and non-Albanians.

– Their right to live in their homes and to have access to personal property has been denied.

– Their right to truth (about the fate of disappeared and kidnapped family members) has been denied.

– Their right to justice through the prosecution and adequate punishment of criminals has been denied.

– Their right to freedom of movement (even when families desire to visit ransacked Orthodox grave sites, throughout Kosovo and Metohija, of their loved ones) has been denied.

As the Association of Victims made its statements to both domestic and international communities throughout the past years, none of the families of the victims could assume that, then as now, the list of the violations of their human rights would be unchanged.

Despite the great disappointment in the sense that there is a lack of willingness to change anything, we will consistently and diligently continue to point out the drastic violations of basic human rights of Serbs and non-Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija that have been going on for years.


24Beograd 10.12.2014

President of the Association

Nataša Sćepanović